The Concept

The Duovelo is cross between a BMX and a Fat bike that features a retractable seat for a second passenger and an electric motor built into the gearbox, and Duovelo units could be connected together to form a ‘bike train.’

The Background

The Duovelo bicycle concept was submitted through Imaginactive’s website by Jimmy Bilodeau, and the team at the laboratory worked on his idea with collaborators and designers to improve it and create the actual concept.

How It Works

The Duovelo uses a sliding mechanism to reveal a second seat for a passenger. They can hold onto a handlebar located between both seats and rest their feet on lateral foot pegs. The concept images show that the second passenger doesn’t have any pedals, but it would be interesting to develop a folding pedal system for that person.

The Duovelo would be equipped with an electric motor to assist the driver during his ride. The charge indicator would be located on the rim of the crankset and would be easily visible day or night. Of course a version could come without any electrical assistance to reduce the total weight of the bike.

Other Duovelos could also be connected to the first one to create an even larger bike capable of transporting 4 passengers. It would also be possible to add more bikes to the group and form a sort of bike train. Imagine going on a bike ride with all your friends at the same time!

We designed the Duovelo as a sort of BMX / Fat bike, but of course it could be designed to come in multiple forms. For now we wanted to focus on the idea of including a second seat and the feature of connecting multiple bicycles together.

What It’s Used For

A lot of cities now offer bikes for rent, and I think the advantage of having a second seat handy on these bikes is obvious. Most of us who ride for pleasure wouldn’t mind the extra weight on the bike since we will most probably use it every time we need to ride with a friend just a few blocks away. (Why rent two bike when one can do the job?) Hitching bikes together could also be fun if you are riding on a dedicated path with your family on a longer trip (20km +)


The Duovelo concept was imagined in May 2016 by Jimmy Bilodeau in collaboration with Charles Bombardier. Moreover, the images were created by Adolfo Esquivel. Adolfo is a Colombian industrial designer who is currently attending a master’s in transportation design at the UQAM of Montreal. He works as a freelancer based in Montreal. Adolfo also created the design of the Sea-Bull surfing tugboat and the Teatrix robotic furniture concept.