The Concept

The Moonlit is a futuristic shelter designed to be installed on most cars. A large panoramic window lets you view the mysteries of the universe while you relax comfortably. The Moonlit proposes many features which cannot be found in a regular tent, like AC, blackout windows, a panoramic rooftop window, and a secure location above the ground.

The Background

The idea behind the Moonlit was to propose a simple way to go out on camping trips without having to set up a tent each time. I was hoping to integrate as many cool features as possible that would normally require carrying a whole camping set around. The name Moonlit is combination from ‘moon’ and ‘lit,’ which means ‘bed’ in French.

How It Works

The Moonlit is composed of two hard shells made of lightweight composite material. These two shells can extend up electrically when the vehicle is stopped to provide a comfortable space big enough for two adults.

The lower shell would have a built-in battery similar to Tesla’s Powerwall. This power source could be charged at home during the week or when the vehicle’s engine is working. The Moonlit would be equipped with LED lights and an air conditioning and heating system for hot days or chilly nights. A standard A/C outlet would also be integrated in the lower shell along with compartments to store personal items.

The upper shell or roof would have a large built-in window made of Smartglass, an existing technology that permits you to tint (or opacify) the window simply by flicking a switch. This means that you would be able to look up at the stars every night before going to sleep and wake up late in the morning because the Moonlit would effectively block the sunrise. The reflective coating could also be used to project movies from the inside at night.

The outer shell of the Moonlit could be covered by flexible solar panels on the roof to help recharge the main battery. I imagine flexible solar cells could also be laid out on the hood of the car or beside it.

The siding of the Moonlit when extended would be made of strong fabric screens to facilitate air circulation. The screens could easily be closed by flipping down and zipping covers over them. Some Moonlit models could be designed to match the sliding sunroof roof of existing cars so you could move from one space to the other without exiting the car. A ladder would also be attached to the rear to provide outside access.

What It’s Used For

In the future, people who love going on weekend road trips won’t need to bother looking for hotels or places to set up their tent. With the Moonlit, it will be up in seconds and offer the best view you can get securely above the ground. Heating or cooling a small space like the Moonlit takes less energy than an RV, and it’s also much easier to park anywhere in the city.


The Moonlit concept was developed in March 2016 by Charles Bombardier in collaboration with Sebastian Campos Möller, an award-winning industrial designer from Mexico. Sebastian graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design and specializes in 3D and concept development for human-centered products. Sebastian also produced the concept images for the Vexil laser recharged drone and the Paragon powersport kit for teenagers.