The concept

The Ventooz is a 4WD articulated quad capable of climbing walls. It’s four tires are equipped with section cups that can help it stick to most surfaces and two directional turbofans also help it move and adhere to walls.


Disney’s VertiGo project was the inspiration behind the Ventooz. We wanted to create a powersport version of this drone strong enough to carry one person with a safety back-up. We integrated suction cups similar to that of an octopus on the tires and we created a cockpit with articulated frames.

How it works

The Ventooz  is a compact 4WD vehicle designed for one person. The pilot sits down in the middle between two propellers positioned in front and behind him.  Each propeller is  mounted on a frame that can pivot back and forth (roll) and on which the wheels of the vehicle are attached.

To steer the Ventooz, the pilot simply needs to pull one of the two levers located each side of him. These levers activate electric motors that articulate the front and rear portion of the Ventooz in opposite direction. Each wheels is powered by a small electric motor so traction could also be used to help steer the vehicle in one direction.

The two fans would provide enough downward force so that the Ventooz can adhere to a wall. Orienting the fans would also make it possible to move the vehicle forward or backwards. Two vacuum pumps would be used to operate the suction cups each cup would engineered to catch or release its grip. The Ventooz’s power source could either come from a hydrogen fuel cell or a powerful battery pack.

There is a lot of redundancy in this vehicle. Probably one system is enough, however both technology could be explored and compared. The final configuration depends on the available power, the surface you wish the vehicle to adhere to, the distance that needs to be covered, the degree of manoeuvrability etc.

What it’s used for

One possible use would be to inspect or repair buildings and structures likes dams. It could also be used to rescue people if you change its configuration so passengers can hop in or attach to it. Of course it could also be used as radical theme park ride with the sole objective of creating an adrenaline rush…


The Ventooz concept was developed in June 2016 by Charles Bombardier in collaboration with Juan Garcia Mansilla, an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Vincent Desjardins supplied the tower image &Tom Van Ryn the seat. Juan graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2012. Juan currently works as a senior designer at a product design firm and as a freelancer. Juan also created the design of the Trident jetboat concept.