The Concept

The Brigade is a driverless motorcycle equipped with 3D cameras and an advanced monitoring and reporting system that has the ability to issue citations on the fly. This electric motorcycle would silently patrol the streets of your neighbourhood 24/7 and send live updates to citizens on their mobile apps.


The Background

With the advancement of pilotless technology and online apps, it’s now possible to develop new vehicles that will reduce public disturbances dramatically. The Brigade would be designed so that small communities could use it to monitor activities in their neighbourhoods instead of hiring three police officers driving one or two patrol cars. The idea is to resolve an existing problem with a more efficient solution.


How It Works

The Brigade’s main function would be to monitor neighbourhoods, record, and report what’s happening.  This driverless motorcycle would be powered by an electric motor and would feature an internal gyroscope system to make sure it remained balanced at all times, even when it stops.

The Brigade would come equipped with multiple cameras, sensors, projectors, speakers, etc. It would be capable of detecting offenses in real time and communicate the information to perpetrators, the authorities, and to tax-paying citizens.

For instance, while patrolling a street, each Brigade could scan license plates for registration violations and measure vehicle speeds. It would record offenses in real time with audio and video, then stamp the time, date, location, and speed to a digital ticket.  The Brigade would then send the citations by e-mail or text message to the municipal court and the car’s owner the moment the infraction was confirmed.

When a violation is recorded, the Brigade would not bother to stop; the unit would simply alert the offender with its flashing light and an audio cue.  If the driver continued their illegal behaviour, the Brigade would follow the offending vehicle and alert police officers so they could arrest the driver. Twin motorized cameras mounted on either side of the bike would allow the Brigade to film the scene in 3D and make the videos available to the authorities and even the public if laws permit it.


What It’s Used For

The Brigade is not simply a tool for communities to issue more tickets.  Each unit means that police officers could be reallocated to more important police business such as investigating crimes instead of patrolling neighbourhoods. These units would not eliminate human patrols, but they could reduce them.

With its silent motor, the Brigade could monitor locations at night without causing any disturbance. Another cool thing is that it would provide live reports to all citizens so they know what’s going in their city.


The Designer

The Brigade renderings were produced by Eduardo Arndt, who is based in Montreal Canada. Eduardo studied at the University of Quebec in Montreal. He works as a freelance industrial designer and the Brigade was the first project he has designed for Imaginactive.