The Concept

The Eruda is a personal transporter designed to replace current mobility scooters. It could be used to help treat or assist patients with posture problems by helping them to get up and take multiple stances with the help of a motorized spine.

 The Background

A few of my close friends, are chiropractors and we recently discussed about how “Generation X” will move around the city when we’re much older. As you can imagine, I wanted a cool, fast, nimble machine, but their opinion influenced my design when we talked about all the types of posture and back problems people have nowadays.

Accordingly, I tried to imagine a machine with designer Martin Rico that could not only transport us in style, but could also help us to get up and down while monitoring our spines and other vital signs.

How It Works

The Eruda has approximately the same footprint as current personal transporters. It has four wheels, all of which are driven by a small electric motor. They can all steer to orient the Eruda more easily in tight spots.

The seat of the Eruda can be positioned at various heights depending on the owner’s size or the tables at which he will be sitting. It is equipped with a lightweight pneumatic technology inspired by Festo’s Bionic handling assistant. This system could be developed to assist a patient in getting up and it might even be possible to treat him to correct his sitting posture.

The flexible seat cushions could come with temperature controls to heat and cool certain parts of the back. Built-in sensors would send feedback and statistics to the patient’s chiropractor and doctor if the data proves useful. The Eruda also includes an automatic retractable umbrella, protecting against the sun and rain, plus a compartment for groceries. Depending on the material used in the design, it could be folded and put in the trunk of a car.

The autonomy of the Eruda should be at least twice the autonomy of the current mobility scooters. The batteries could recharge wirelessly and be swapped at any urban station.

 What It’s Used For

The Eruda could become an interesting product for people who are losing mobility due to age or illness, but want to continue moving around and tending to activities. The capacity to stand with a little help from the transporter would help them keep the same range as when they were younger. The Eruda could also attract people with current disabilities as they could gain capacities they wouldn’t have in other circumstances.


The Eruda concept was imagined in July 2016 by Charles Bombardier and designed by  Martin Rico. Martin lives near Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Design at the University of Buenos Aires and now works as a Freelance Industrial Designer. Martin also created the images of the Troubadour waste management robot yacht and the Mercuri personal jet.