The Concept

The Jetson is a jet-powered flying saucer inspired by the Jetsons sitcom, which aired in the 1960’s. This flying recreational vehicle could be used to fly over your private property or commute to work over short distances. It could also be developed for the entertainment industry (racing at airshows) or for military missions.

The Background

When the Flyboard air prototype was released to the public in early April, it took the world by surprise. Imagine when the public learned it could fly at speeds close to 100 mph and go as high as 10,000 feet for ten minutes! Lots of people thought this was a trick, but when Franky Zapata smashed a Guinness World record, things took a serious turn. It’s now possible that we might actually be able to build a Jetson flying car in the next few years!

How It Works

The Jetson would be the size of a standard side-by-side vehicle. It could carry only one passenger for safety and fuel consumption reasons. The vehicle would have five jet thrusters located under its fuselage. Two fuel tanks would be located inside the frame on opposing sides, and two additional spaces would be used to store cargo.

An onboard flying system would help control and stabilize the Jetson automatically. The pilot would need to follow flying lessons to learn how to pilot the flying saucer and learn aerodynamics, air regulations, weather, etc.

The Jetson would have four landing legs. We have shown retractable legs, but it might be safer to add wheels. Of course the Jetson would be equipped with navigation and position lights, strobes, DEL landing lights, and an easy-to-read dashboard. The overall shape of the Jetson would be optimize to create more lift when it’s flying horizontally and save on fuel.

The Jetson should be designed so that it could still stay airborne if one of its jet thrusters failed, so the number of thrusters could be increased and other back up security systems could be incorporated in the design. For instance, the flying saucer could be equipped with a parachute in case some of its jets malfunctioned, and interior or exterior airbags could be placed on the aircraft.

What’s It Used For?

The Jetson flying saucer could be used as a commuting vehicle authorized to fly in dedicated airspace corridors. Currently the jets are quite noisy, so it might prove difficult to receive the authorization to fly it in downtown city locations. These vehicles could also be used in extreme racing events or demonstration flights at airshows since people love flying saucers. Probably the military will have a few ideas to test—or we might see one in an upcoming movie!


The Jetson concept was imagined in September 2016 by Charles Bombardier, and the 3-D renderings were created by Adolfo Esquivel. Adolfo holds a degree in industrial design and currently works in Montreal as an industrial designer for Beam me up games. Adolfo is also the author of the Motowalk people mover and the Metropolis police patrol drone.