The Concept

The Moobi is an autonomous robot designed to clean up your pool. The fun part? It looks like and moves like a whale. Except for the discharge station, which would take the debris out of the pool, the cleaning platform would operate without any action from the owner for the whole summer.

The Origin of the Idea

Cleaning your pool with a net is tedious. What would make it easier, and keep your pool sparkling clean all the time? How about the pool equivalent of a Roomba? I called it Moobi as a play on Moby 9of literary fame) because I thought it would be fun to have it look like a mini whale swimming in your pool.

How It Works

The Moobi is an autonomous robot that moves around the pool at regular intervals. It would pick up the debris floating on the surface or settled inside any pool. The device would move using an oscillating tail to create the required thrust.

A large “mouth” equipped with a net would filter waste like a whale would do with plankton. A water jet on the robot’s tail would also serve to raise deposits sitting at the bottom of the pool. The unit could be recharged by an induction terminal when it’s not in use. The recharge station could be equipped to remove the accumulated debris from the Moobi and carry it out of the pool (in the bush maybe?).

The Moobi could also be equipped with different instruments to analyse the quality of the water and inform the owner of any actions that needs to be taken. Since it is meant to be as cool as it is useful, the Moobi would have to be small enough to avoid being a distraction, but big enough to accumulate all types of debris, including frogs and mice.

The unit could be produced in different sizes to accommodate all pool sizes. The different units could even be named after different whales based on their sizes (Blue Whale for the biggest, Pygmy Whale for the smallest) and colored to match that whale.

Potential Market

The Moobi would be an interesting product for pool owners, as most of them probably don’t enjoy cleaning them up. It would especially interesting for them if they have kids, who will probably like watching (and playing) with the little whale at the bottom of the pool. With a recharge station designed to eliminate debris, there would be no actions required from the owner when it comes to cleaning the pool.


The Moobi concept was developed in June 2016 by Charles Bombardier in collaboration with Jan Bujnak, an industrial designer from the Slovak Republic. Jan graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislavia and works as a freelance designer. Jan has also produced the concept images for the Biora emotion sensing bike and the Typhon personal hovercraft.