The Concept

The Voyager is a new type of hotel concept built around the theme of space travel. It’s equipped with dynamic and fully immersive staterooms able to simulate the closed quarters of a starship or planetary colonies.

The Background

I always dreamt of going into space one day, and while watching Star Trek recently, I thought that it would be cool to simply simulate the experience for a week in a hotel designed like a Starship or a Mars Colony.

How It Works

The rooms of the Voyager would be the size of existing staterooms and would rest on hydraulic actuators which would move the unit to simulate the vibration or movements of a ship. The windows of the rooms would be OLED HD televisions, which would show images of space or planets like Mars.

The doors of the room could be designed like an SAS to re-create the feeling of space travel. Multiple rooms would be linked together by a corridor and each of them would include VR helmets and a Virtual reality motion platform like the Virtuix from Omni.

This means you would be able to simulate experiences from within your room like taking a virtual walk on Mars, exploring the ship or a new colony. You could also join your friends on those virtual expeditions and select a host of games or adventures.

The Voyager hotel would also include a control room to simulate communication with your family (back on earth) and navigation decks. Voyager’s feature restaurant would be located on top of the hotel and would provide a ‘dine amongst the stars’ experience.

Finally, walk-in immersive rooms like the one developed by Holodeck factory would be available to all clients of the Voyager, providing them with a way to exercise daily (some kind of augmented reality like Pokemon GO hunting).

Potential Markets

The Voyager could be developed and built by resort chains in areas with a strong entertainment industry like Las Vegas, as it would allow for a unique experience. It could also be built near science-oriented hubs, as it would be attractive to techies or become a standard for space-oriented summer camps. There are dozens of potential markets. With VR technology now available and interest in space travel on the rise, it’s probably the best time to launch such a project.


The concept Voyager was imagined in October 2016 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Adolfo Esquivel. Adolfo graduated with an Industrial Design degree from Colombia and completed his postgraduate education in Events Design at UQAM (Montreal). Adolfo also created the images of the Sfear Mountain amusement park concept and of the Exocycle urban vehicle.