The Concept

The Bubble is a compact articulated skid-steer drone capable of climbing walls. It’s equipped with four rubber coated wheels and a powerful electric fan that makes it stick to most surfaces so it can carry out special tasks.


This concept idea was brought to my attention by Abhishek Roy, one of the industrial designers I work with. The Bubble has already made it to the prototype phase since Abhishek and his team started printing and assembling parts a few months ago. They have even made a few tests.

How it Works

The Bubble would be around the size of a cleaning robot like the Roomba. It would be able to stick to walls and move around to perform tasks like cleaning windows, filming TV or movie scenes, or repairing surfaces. The Bubble could also be used to detect structural fissures in a building or project works of art on a facade.

A thermal imaging system would help detect temperature fluctuations, and a LIDAR could be installed on the Bubble to map parts of a city or the building it’s stuck on. The Bubble could also detect equipment problems and make small repairs such as welding parts back together or applying a small amount of silicone to patch up holes.

The Bubble would need to be made with ultra-light materials such as composites or aluminum. A small electric turbine would generate enough pull toward the wall to hold it on the vertical surface. Four micro-geared electric motors powered by li-po batteries would be used to move the Bubble around.

The batteries would continuously be monitored by the vehicle so it would automatically return to its recharging station when necessary. In the case of failure, a small parachute could be deployed to avoid any injuries to pedestrians and reduce the risk of damage to the unit.

Potential Market

The Bubble could be sold to inspect airplanes or skyscrapers. The television and movie industry could also purchase them to shoot scenes from new viewpoints. Of course, they could be fitted with a GoPro camera and sold to consumers too. Versions with special suspensions could be adapted to climb a house and clean gutters. There are several potential markets, but first, the prototypes need to be developed.

The Designer

The Bubble concept was created and designed by Abhishek Roy and his team. Abhishek is the founder of Lunatic Koncepts, a design lab based in India. Abhishek’s team also created the renderings for the Subrocket car and the Aeternal autonomous electric hearse concept.