The Concept

The Muadib was created as a transport vehicle capable of cruising deserts or vast expenses of open land. Tourists would be able to live for a while on this special “cruise ship” and enjoy the sun in comfort while staying protected from the elements.

The Context

The Muadib was named for a fictional species of desert mice called Muad’Dib in Frank Herbert’s book Dune. There are hundreds of beautiful environments, including deserts and other arid places, that aren’t visited by humans because the living conditions are too extreme. This ship would be able to explore some of them.

How It Works

The Muadib would ride on four caterpillar tracks that would be adapted to the ever-changing sands of the desert. Indeed, the tracks would be large enough to support the weight of the Muadib without sinking in the sands. The hull would be sand resistant and could have solar panels to fuel the power grid.

A sand resistant, transparent canopy would be positioned over the main deck to provide shade and protect from sandstorms. It would also be equipped with gas turbine engines to drive its four enormous tracks.

Since the desert can reach over 50°C (122°F), a cooling system is vital for the Muadib. Pools wouldn’t be heated, but cooled down, an air conditioning system would regulate the airflow within this cruising vehicle, and a water collector could harvest the moisture generated from the air conditioning. The Muadib would also be equipped with a drilling system able to dig through the sands and the lower surface to pump from underground water sources to refuel its tanks.

The Muadib could have an interior garden where crops grow, since plants help regulate the moisture in the air and can provide a source of food and shade. Of course, the Muadib would have plenty of water and food already on board.

Made to resemble a cruise ship, the Muadib would sport a star observation deck and a panoramic observation platform to gaze upon the vast sceneries of the deserts. A garage at the back would hold recreational vehicles to go out for a ride. The Muadib would also be equipped with sand-resistant drones or helicopters and the appropriate landing pads. Both the recreational vehicles and drones would permit exploration of nearby scenery and zones of interest, such as an oasis.

What It’s Used For

As mentioned previously, the Muadib could be used as commercial cruise ship to explore and visit parts of the planet that are more or less barren. Science labs could also be installed on the ship and the fleet of ‘Muadibs’ could be financed by philanthropies interested in ecology, biology, geology and all other science that relates to these geographic locations.


The Muadib was imagined in July 2016 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Boris Schwarzer. Boris is based in Michigan, U.S.A. He went to the College of Creative Studies, and he works as a contractual designer for the Ford Motor Company. Boris also created the images of the Solar express spaceship (view our video) and the Cityjet, an urban quad concept powered by a fuel cell.