The Concept

The Silvermoon is a biomimetic aircraft equipped with dual wings. Advanced artificial muscles would deploy a second set of wings when needed. The Silvermoon would burn hydrogen to fly with two micro-turbines, each capable of producing 350 lbf of thrust.

The Background

I imagined the Silvermoon concept while working on some of our ground effect vehicles that use an “air cushion effect” to glide at low speed. I wondered how we could develop dual wings that could help increase lift and use smaller engines. The wings would be able to bend similar to how birds fly.

How It Works

The pilot of the Silvermoon would sit inside a panoramic cockpit and use controls similar to light sports aircrafts. The aircraft would be powered by two Lynx micro turbines by AMT J. The turbines would be mounted on pillars fixed on the wings to improve aerodynamic lift. The final form/layout would change depending on the wing profile, turbine performance, and total weight of the aircraft, as well as the functionality and performance specifications required by buyers.

The flight controls of the aircraft could be assisted by a new breed of technologies developed by RMUS Dynamics that use artificial intelligence to control dexterous robotic limbs similar to an artificial muscular system.

Imagine if you could bend the whole wing, activate flaps and ailerons, and achieve optimal performance without any pistons, hydraulics or solenoids… The Silvermoon would be able to mimic some of the organic agility of birds by being able to move its lower wings through artificial muscles.

While taking off, the Silvermoon would separate its lower wings from its upper wings. This could cause a downward force as well as increase the area of the wings, hence increasing the lift. Planes already use this concept by extending flaps from their wings to increase their surface; the Silvermoon would simply make the lift-off process more organic.

What It’s Used For

There is a place in the powersport market for light sport aircrafts, which the Silvermoon could fill. Powersport enthusiasts would then be able to ride in the skies and explore new parts of the country


The Silvermoon concept was imagined in November 2016 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Nikhil Sorte. Nikhil now works for the Groupe Renault in Chennai, India. He has completed a foundation in transportation design at ISD Rubika, India and the Silvermoon is the first design he completed for Imaginactive.