The Concept

The FUTURO is a theme park ride designed to provide passengers with the experience of a flying saucer ride to Mars. It would be built with Futuro house molds and equipped with VR helmets, hydraulic actuators, and moving seats, which would give the passengers a full spaceship experience.

The Background

The FUTURO is based on the Futuro house designed by Matti Suuronen. It also takes inspiration from a recent concept posted on Imaginactive.org, the Voyager. I contacted the owners of the Futuro molds and it seems possible to repair and acquire them, so maybe the FUTURO could be introduced to a new generation of dreamers.

How It Works

The FUTURO would be built using the latest fiberglass moulding techniques. Its base would be mounted on four hydraulic actuators which would be strong and fast enough to create a lift-off and landing feeling for the passengers.

The interior would be designed to look like a spaceship, and would be equipped with seats like the ones developed by D-BOX, which could further increase the immersive experience of the passengers. The experience would be heightened by sense simulators, such as an artificial scent, infrared heat, sound, etc., to complete the spaceship feeling.

It would also be equipped with full virtual reality equipment to create an impressive travel simulation. The model shown to the passengers in virtual reality would be much the same as the actual space ship. For instance, users would be able to see different views from the windows of the FUTURO whilst wearing their helmets, so the environment outside would change during the simulation.

Upon entering the ride, the passengers would pick a seat and don VR gear. The hydraulic actuators and seats would begin moving, giving the passengers a sensation of upward movement. These feelings would be accompanied by images of the FUTURO lifting into the atmosphere and beyond.

Once past orbital range, the ride would present the passengers with a warp-like effect similar to the one in Star Trek. This would be accompanied by fast-moving space scenery from the windows. The hydraulic actuators and seats could also provide a rumbling sensation. After a while, the warp effect would slow to a stop, leaving a view of Mars from afar.

The FUTURO would then commence a landing sequence, giving the users the sensation of landing on the planet. Once “landed,” the FUTURO would stabilise and the passengers could leave their seats. The FUTURO would then move around Mars, giving the passengers a view of the surface and a futuristic settlement.

Potential Markets

The FUTURO would be easily transportable, being only 13 feet tall, 26 feet in diameter, and easily disassembled. This would make the system transportable like a theme park ride. Experiencing a trip to Mars is probably something riders will want, so the FUTURO concept is something that could be developed and built for resort chains, fairs, science centers, etc. The total cost would be less than $100,000 for the equipment, meaning it could be amortized over one or two seasons.


The FUTURO concept was imagined in November 2016 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Adolfo Esquivel. Adolfo graduated with an Industrial Design degree from Colombia and completed his postgraduate education in Events Design at UQAM (Montreal). Adolfo also created the images of the Sfear Mountain amusement park concept, of the Exocycle urban vehicle and of the Voyager space hotel concept.