The Concept

The PANTERO is an articulated electric urban tram-bus concept. It would be offered in several configurations (2, 3, or 4 modules) and would aim to blur the line between streetcars and city buses. The “Quatro” configuration would be 37 meters long, equivalent to an average tramway and capable of accommodating up to 290 passengers.

The Origin

The PANTERO concept was proposed to me by Jean-François Audet last March. Jean-François holds a Master’s Degree in Physics from Université Laval and an MBA from HEC. He founded a company with Jean Raymond named Pantero Group that aims to improve urban public transport with new tram-bus concepts like this one. I found the idea interesting and asked Ashish Thulkar to create a 3D model of this concept in order to attract the attention of Angel Investors to this promising project.

How It Works

The PANTERO is a light transit vehicle made mostly of aluminum. Thanks to its special axles, which allow it to use integral steering, each wheel follows the trajectory of the front axle. The PANTERO is therefore easy to maneuver, even in busy urban environments and narrow streets.

Its articulation system allows it to reach angles of 90 degrees, which gives it a spectacularly small turning radius of only 6.8 meters; almost half the turning radius of a conventional bus and about a third of that of a tramway. Despite its length, this tram-bus would be able to make a U-Turn on a boulevard!

The intelligent driving system assists the driver for increased safety and maneuverability, especially in the winter. When used in dedicated lanes, an integrated autonomous mode will compete with even the most advanced rail services.

The completely electric vehicle uses up to 8 motors propel it. Its range allows it to travel great distances, and it can be recharged by means of a connection on the roof in as little as 5 to 10 minutes thanks to an ultra high power charging station. It can also benefit from a 15-second boost as it stops at stations.

The vehicle also includes state-of-the-art technologies such as multifunctional seats, multi-zone air conditioning / heating, a digital information and entertainment display integrated in each window, high speed Internet access, and technologies that allow PANTERO to connect and interact with a smart urban environment.

What It’s Used For

This tram-bus concept aims to provide service and experience comparable to a rail service while remaining much more flexible and avoiding the construction of rails in the middle of a busy city—a project that would take several years and cost a lot of capital.

The costs associated with the PANTERO are thus ten times lower than those of a railway network, which greatly benefits taxpayers. In fact, it offers one of the lowest costs per passenger-kilometer of all types of public transport.


The concept of PANTERO was conceived by Jean-François Audet and Jean Raymond in March 2017 in collaboration with Charles Bombardier.  The images were created by Ashish Thulkar, an industrial designer from Mumbai, India. Ashish holds a master’s degree in design from the Indian Institute of Science. He also created the images of the Firedron truck and the Orion, a supersonic aircraft concept designed to view earth from space.