The Concept

The Perceptor is an artificial intelligence system designed for cars. This system would be with you every time you drive, noticing your behaviour behind the wheel, and adapting to your style. When you change cars, the Perceptor’s AI would follow you so it would always be there to assist you. It could adapt to your mood, reduce stress and carry out interesting discussions with the driver.

The Origin of the Idea

The inspiration for this idea comes from a myriad of sources including books, TV shows like Knight Rider, and movies like Interstellar. I wondered how it would be possible to give customers a truly unique experience that goes beyond autonomous driving. The result was the Perceptor—a way to reinvent cars as we know them by combining AI with a series of technologies and research.

How It Works

The Perceptor would consist of an artificial intelligence connected to your car via a cloud-based system. This artificial intelligence would be able to switch between cars to always stay with its user/owner.

As such, if the user changed cars, the AI would follow the user into the new car. You could use it in multiple vehicles since it would adapt to anything you drive—cars, bikes, helicopters, boats, etc.

The Perceptor’s AI would mostly be silent at first, as it learns the user`s driving behaviors. The owner could tell the device what they want and like, and explain their philosophy of life—scenic routes, fast routes, favorite drives, avoiding tolls, etc.

Once the device has mapped the driving style, reactions, and preferences of the user, it would start interacting more and giving recommendations based on the user’s goals. Everyone is different, so to be successful, the Perceptor would need to be clever and understand human emotions.

Imagine if it could tell you when to avoid traffic, optimize a new route, help you find free parking, etc. The Perceptor would be able to give you feedback—or it could shut up if you’re in a bad mood.

You could even use it to confide in yourself on your way to work and your conversation would remain encrypted and private.

The Perceptor would be aware of the car’s parts and systems. If, for example, the oil needs to be changed, it would ask permission to drive to the dealer (on its own) while you are working. If parts needs to be changed or serviced, it could deal with the mechanic or car dealer and send you the quote on your phone for a quick approval.

The Perceptor would also be able to monitor its owner to detect any condition that rendered the user unfit to drive (such as being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or overly tired), and could drive instead of the owner in such a case. It would be able to alert emergency services in case of a medical situation and drive to the nearest hospital if required.

If the user was dissatisfied with the AI, he could change it and take a different approach. The goal here is to have a more pleasant experience. If you prefer a silent car with no ‘soul,’ you could simply buy a car with no Perceptor in it.

What It’s Used For

The Perceptor is a new kind of feature that would change the car market forever because it would take us a step beyond the autonomous cars in development today. It could help reduce costs and stress, prevent accidents, and even improve the morale of drivers. This would enhance and complement the driving experience.


The Perceptor concept was imagined in April 2017 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Abhishek Roy and his team. Abhishek works in Mumbai, India, for LunaticKoncepts. He studied at Raffles Design International and designed, amongst others the Antipode supersonic aircraft and the Invitation airship.