The Concept

The Fünambul is a high-rise transit system designed for people living and working in forests of skyscrapers including vertical farms and shopping centers. Fünambuls would ride along on networks of suspended cables and move vertically by using dedicated elevator shafts.

Origin of the Idea

I had this idea while working on the Tridika concept. I wanted to be able to switch from one building to the next instead of going down each time. Our Libelule concept seemed like a good source of inspiration for the general layout of the frame. The name Fünambul is a French term for show performers walking on tight ropes.

How It Works

The tire shape allows the Fünambul to latch on top of large cables and to travel along both ways. Using a gyroscope system and a fail-safe mechanism, the rubber plastered wheel would be able to move safely from one building to another.

Using a rotating platform to pivot the wheel inside the building, the vehicle would able to change direction and access different high rises. The Fünambul would also be able to move up or down dedicated elevator shafts (that could also be used by service vehicles) to access different cable routes.

The Fünambul frame features a rotating viewpoint globe for sightseeing. Augmented reality systems integrated into the bubble window let the user pinpoint important landmarks and select the Fünambul’s next destination.

Strong cables made of nanotube / graphene would be used to resist strong wind gusts and the vehicle’s weight. When no Fünambul is coming in, automatic doors on the building entrance would prevent rain, wind, and cold from entering.

In this design, the rider cannot directly see out the front of the vehicle, but a different version with side-by-side seats could be designed. Or even longer version on two wheels.

The Market

Fünambul could be used to create an elevated cable highway system linking skyscrapers of futuristic cities, enabling people to avoid traffic and save time. In the medium-term future, urban dwellers will work in business towers, visit vertical farms after work to pick up fresh groceries, and then go to their homes located on the 150th floor of their condo tower. So it makes sense to find way to cross from one building to the next.

Of course, safety and reliability would need to be as good as any other transportation system, and the final configuration of these elevated people movers is open for discussion. If our cities continue to grow in height, we will need to develop new types of transportation systems adapted to our new architectural landscapes and the Fünambul aims to inspire people about om high rise transit systems.


The Fünambul concept was imagined in May 2017 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Martin Rico. Martin lives near Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Design at the University of Buenos Aires and now works as a Freelance Industrial Designer. Martin also designed the Tsven artificial gravity research station and the Horus flying superbike.