The Concept

The Phantor is a robotic panther designed to conduct surveillance and protect neighborhoods from burglars. It would mimic real panthers, but mostly remain out of the way to minimize interference. The Phantor would be powered by an hydrogen fuel cell or ion lithium batteries.

The Background

I have been watching the progress of Spot, the walking dog, from Boston Dynamics, and it gave me the idea of creating a biomimetic robot capable of protecting neighborhoods similarly to the Brigade motorcycle concept. The idea was to create a friendly animal that would remain hidden and out of the way, but be powerful enough to intimidate and deter human prowlers.

How It Works

A Phantor is an autonomous robotic panther that uses hydraulics actuators, servomotors and artificial muscles to move its limbs. Each Phantor would use a navigation system to carry out a coordinated grid with the Police force. It would use infrared cameras and other sensors to follow people through alleys, back streets, and dark areas of the city and upload audio and video feed on remote servers.

Some places would be difficult to travel in, but the progress made by Boston Dynamic is impressive, so the coverage area should increase with each new version. Human behaviour specialists and criminalists could use Phantor’s data to study nocturnal activity and protect citizens from a distance from dusk till dawn. Most of the technology already exist and it would be similar to Knightscope’s K7 multi-terrain autonomous data collecting robot.

The Phantor would also be equipped with night vision and other sensors, so it would be able to detect any animals or humans while recording and reporting suspect activities to authorities in real time. The Phantor’s body would be covered in artificial skin, and an artificial scent would need to be developed to blend in its surroundings.

What It’s Used For

Phantor could be an ideal choice to protect citizens because its biomimetic features wouldn’t cause urban disturbances like helicopters or drones do. To gain the trust of the population, the Phantor would be able to take on a happy, playful attitude, and blend in easily during the day.

It could also help would-be offenders by watching and flagging before they commit any crime. Its data could be used to learn more about local criminal behavior and nocturnal habits and even try to talk them out of committing crimes. The Phantor could also be used to locate missing child when an alert is activated by police forces.


The Phantor concept was imagined in July 2017 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Jorge Ciprian, an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Jorge graduated with a degree in design from the University of Buenos Aires. He currently works as Freelance designer, and the Phantor is the first concept he created for concepts for Imaginactive.