The Concept

The Snowtrain is snowmobile-train concept designed to help Santa Claus make his gift deliveries in small, remote villages with lots of snow and no road access.

The Background

A few weeks ago, four of Santa’s reindeers (Comet, Dasher, Vixen, Blitzen to be precise) asked Santa Claus to take a year-long vacation. They said that they had been working for almost 200 years straight and they could use some time off. Santa wondered how he could replace his reindeer, so Imaginactive came up with the Snowtrain concept to help him—and his faithful reindeer.

How It Works

The Snowtrain’s Locomotive (or front sled) would be equipped with a mono-ski and a single snowmobile track. The vehicle would be powered by an electric motor paired to a liquid-cooled fuel cell, which would burn hydrogen to generate electricity and would only vent snowflakes. This means the Snowtrain would be a clean and silent vehicle, which is perfect for Santa as he makes his late-night rounds!

Obviously, Santa’s size and weight would make it difficult to keep the locomotive balanced, so a gyroscopic system would be used to keep the vehicle upright—even when Santa is leaning to one side as he pulls toys from his bag.

Red wagons equipped with their own power source and snowmobile track would be used to transport gifts to each village. They would be engineered to pull their own weight and also help the Snowtrain pass through more difficult trails—a bit like a caterpillar with many legs.

What It’s Used For

Since Christmas is only one night of the year, the Elves could use the Snowtrain the rest of the year to visit friends and cruise around Santa’s village. The red wagons could be outfitted with folding seats to accommodate passengers. Last but not least, the Snowtrain concept was designed to transport Santa in remote northern villages, but how will he deliver gifts to your own house? If you have any cool vehicle ideas, make sure you draw them and share them with your parents!


The Snowtrain concept was imagined in December 2017 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Jorge Ciprian, an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Jorge graduated with a degree in design from the University of Buenos Aires. He currently works as a freelance designer. He also designed the Phantor surveillance robot and the Exoski snowmobile concept for Imaginactive.