The Concept

The Zuuloo is a brain-computer interface system designed to upload your memories, emotions, and personality into a humanoid robot. The Zuuloo would allow brain access through electroencephalography (EEG).


When I first envisioned the Zuuloo, I had a much more ambitious goal involving Brane/String Theory that was based on a series of hypotheses, but I scaled it back to this simpler concept.

How It Works

Today, scientists from the Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Japan are working on software able to extract images from the brain. It will take some time to perfect, but they will eventually be able to copy those images onto cloud servers and reduce the time it takes to read and transfer them.

At our BMU research lab in Montreal, we are now able to detect and record over 70 human emotions and place them on a timecode heatmap using brain computer interface helmets. This means it’s now possible to associate emotions with images and experiences, and it will soon be possible to create a model of your personality.

Now imagine combining these technologies with humanoid robots and AI software. In the process, you would also upload your pictures and videos into a humanoid robot of your choice or store them in an artificial intelligence assistant.

The Zuuloo would thus be designed to execute these specific tasks. Just like in neuroimaging, the user’s head wouldn’t have to be physically connected since hypersensitive sensors would allow the scanner to detect small electromagnetic variations in your brain. The research goal would be to ‘upload’ the targeted content rapidly and seamlessly.

The Market

Some people might use the Zuuloo to create a duplicate of themselves to free up precious time or increase their work output. Others will use it to create a digital assistant—either robotic or virtual. Public personalities could use them for marketing purposes. It might also be possible to reverse the process and upload memories of your duplicate into your own cerebral cortex, which would give you the possibility of being at two places simultaneously.


The Zuuloo concept was imagined in July 2017 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Martin Rico. Martin lives near Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Design at the University of Buenos Aires and now works as a Freelance Industrial Designer. Martin also designed the Atasha robotic flight attendant and the Horus flying superbike.