The Project

The Oracle project is a hardware and software combination that aims to better guide students in their career choices. It could be used by guidance counsellors in high schools and would be suitable for other markets as well.

Origin of the Idea

The Oracle project is an initiative of Charles Bombardier, President of Imaginactive and Vice President of Beam Me Up Labs. The equipment needed to create and develop this educational tool will be purchased and assembled at Imaginactive’s lab at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Sherbrooke. A prototype will also be installed in Montreal at ‘Le Ministère,’ where the head office of Imaginactive and Beam Me Up Labs are located.

How it Works

A virtual reality helmet with eye tracking presents immersive career videos to high school students. Simultaneously, a neural headset reads the student’s emotions, commitment, and mental effort during the session. Meanwhile, a deep learning software invented by Beam Me Up Labs analyzes the student’s reactions and adapts the content in real time to better undertand the interests of each person.


Charles Bombardier and Beam Me Up Labs have teamed up to design and develop the Oracle neuro-guidance tool. The R & D team will assemble and test the first prototypes this spring (2018) at the University of Sherbrooke. Preliminary tests with high schools, professionals, and researchers will start during summer of 2018.

Joining the Oracle Project

Schools, colleges and universities that will be associated with the Oracle project will benefit from the scientific expertise and media exposure of the project and will participate in the discovery of new knowledge in many fields (Neuro, VR, Deep Learning). School foundations, non-profit organizations, and companies are also invited to join the Oracle project as launch and development partners. For more information, please contact Imaginactive.