The Concept

The Locobix is a narrow electric urban transit vehicle designed to ride on smaller city streets. This driver-less bus could accommodate a minimum of 5 passengers and recharge itself on the move by activating wireless recharging pads along its route, using rooftop solar panels.

The Background

The Locobix is a variation of the Narotram mass transit vehicle concept, which we published a few years ago. The use of bicycles will always remain popular, and I think that concepts like the Locobix could promote their use and help reduce the environmental impact of our daily commutes.

How It Works

The Locobix would be wide enough to fit bikes standing up, but would also be narrow enough to pass through narrow alleys. The vehicle would feature bike supports as well as poles for the passengers to hold on to.

The sides of the Locobix would remain opened to make it easier to enter and leave the bus. This driver-less vehicle would be able to spot riders wanting to climb on-board and drop off passengers anywhere along its route. I imagine the Locobix being used for travelling small distances, such as riding up a difficult hill or going through busy intersections or avoiding traffic jams using bike paths and alleys. It would not be designed for long travels and would not travel as fast as a car or bus for safety reasons, but because it would still be efficient and would encourage people to get out on their bikes more often.

The 4WD and four-wheel steering Locobix would draw their power from automatic inductive power transfer switches embedded in the pavement. With its electric motors, the Locobix would be silent, but most importantly, eco friendly. The payment system would simply detect your phone or recognize you and charge for the ride. The payment would definitely need to be seamless to make it attractive to a new crowd of public transit users.

What It’s Used For

The Locobix could be used by students who want to arrive to class less exhausted or business people who don’t want to arrive at their workplace all sweaty. It could provide a safer way to travel for people who want to use their bikes in places where dense traffic is too dangerous.


The Locobix concept was imagined in August 2017 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Adolfo Esquivel . Adolfo earned an Industrial Design degree from Colombia and completed postgraduate study on Events Design at the UQAM of Montreal. He currently works as an industrial designer for BRP and this concept as been waiting on my desk since he got hired… Adolfo also created the design of the firesound fire extinguishing drone  and and Pinball futuristic theme park.