The project

The VPS is a recreational product simulator that will provide a number of realistic experiences for consumers and product development team members. It combines mechatronics, virtual reality, and deep learning to analyze the behavior of pilots during each session.

Origin of the idea

In March 2016, Imaginactive published a concept called “Sekonride” to simulate various recreational product experiences (Snowmobile, PWC, ATV, Spyder, etc.) thanks to virtual reality. The project took shape with the selection of components and is now renamed “VPS” for virtual powersport simulator.

How it will be built

The equipment required to assemble the VPS includes a D-BOX technologies-equipped actuator-based base, an ATV and two virtual reality headsets (equipped with eye tracking eyes) and computers. The assembly of these components will be part of this project as will the development of speed and braking sensors to synchronize movements with the videos shot in 360.

All data collected during each session will be analyzed by a deep learning software developed by Beam me up Laboratories to determine the interest of consumers based on their experience during each simulation. Driving style, preferred type of machine, eye tracking, reaction time, etc., all of this data will enable development teams (engineering, designers, marketers) to improve products or concepts during the ideation phase (Fuzzy Front End) and carry other experiments.

Potential market

The VPS will be used for a multitude of tasks:

1) Measure consumer interest in new products or concepts in semi-structured interviews. (E.g., How will we travel in the cities of the future using new powersports vehicles).

2) Entertain and attract visitors during exhibitions.

3) Train new riders or introduce them to the world of powersports.

4) Improve sales of recreational products in the smaller dealerships by allowing sales teams to show dozens of models to buyers and give them a glimpse of what they have to offer.

5) Used by entertainment companies, theme parks, and sold to private customers.


The VPS concept was imagined in January 2018 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Jorge Ciprian and Martin Rico. Both of them lives near Buenos Aires, Argentina and they studied design at the University of Buenos Aires. Jorge and martin are regular collaborators of Imaginactive.