The Concept

The Aerozon logistic system would enable companies to deliver packages within 30 minutes from ordering directly to your apartment or office. This fully-automated delivery system would be engineered to be retrofitted into existing city towers, thereby reducing the number of delivery trucks on our crowded streets and speeding up the economy.

Origin of the Idea

In 2017, we created logistic-related concepts that combined transporters, trains, drones, and residential towers (visit our archives). I was recently contacted by David Charitos, who wanted to use rooftop elevators to partner with drones in condominium delivery systems. The Aerozon concept integrate parts of his idea into a vision for a factory-to-customer logistic system.

How It Works

The Aerozon would be engineered to pick up packages directly from factories or distribution centers (see image 1) located outside the city (see image 2). Trains would enter the city and packages would be picked up en route by drones (see image 3). Drones would be working in rotation to deliver all sorts of packages to the rooftops of office buildings (see image 4) and residential towers (see image 5).

The package would then be lowered on a platform, where it would enter a dedicated elevator shaft. Recipients would be alerted when their package arrives. (See images 6,7, and 8) and they would pick up the parcels on site. Most packages would be transferred to the Aerozon system depending on their final route, but larger packages could be delivered by electric trucks like the UPEX or by smaller mobile robots like the Ecotranzit.

Potential Markets

In the coming decades, a large number of aerial vehicles will fill the skies of our cities. These machines will need new transportation technologies, energy storage, and transferring equipment, plus there will need to be new regulations for rail and aerial corridors. That means there is a whole new body of research and development that can be done in this field. Systems that use existing rail infrastructure and existing commercial and residential towers like the Aerozon will probably be part of the first wave of products that will get prototyped and developed.


The Aerozon concept was imagined in February 2018 by Charles Bombardier in collaboration with David Charitos . The images of the Aerozon were created by Martin Rico. Martin lives near Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Design at the University of Buenos Aires and now works as a Freelance Industrial Designer. He has designed many vehicle concepts for Imaginactive.