The Concept

The Alpino is a recreational ice fishing snowmobile concept designed to take you to your favorite fishing spot and protect you from the elements while you fish. With its twin track and hybrid engine, the Alpino would be strong enough to pull additional pods to create a small fishing village.

Origin of the Idea

This idea was brought to me by Eli Perrett from Valentine, Nebraska. Eli grew up fishing on local lakes in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming, so he’s interested in developing tracked vehicles designed and engineered for winter fishing. He proposed some interesting features, and Jorge Ciprian helped turn his vision into an exciting concept.

How It Works

The Alpino would be driven by two tracks in back and steerable skis in front, similar to the Ski-Doo Elite snowmobile. It would have an insulated and heated enclosed cabin inspired by the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X helicopter.

This snowmobile would have a top speed 50mph. Its cabin could be made of a light composite material and it would weigh around 1000 pounds depending on the size and type of the engine used. A propane heater and heat exchanger would help the pilot/fisherman stay warm inside while driving to his favourite fishing spots.

The Alpino’s cabin would feature a rubber sprocket mechanism that would allow the cab to sit down flat on the ice when the vehicle is in “fishing mode.” The driver’s seat would slide backwards to reveal a small hatch door in the floor to drill a hole through the ice and fish.

The Alpino would be available in a single seat and side-by-side configuration. It would come equipped with a hitch to pull other Alpino pods (or a trailer mounted on skis). Each Pod would be no longer than 8 feet and would weigh less than 400 pounds so you would be able to park them side-by-side and fit multiple units on a flatbed trailer.

Potential Market

The Alpino would target the market of every ice fisherman in USA, Canada, Russia, and Northern European countries like Finland. Ski resorts and hotels could also rent them out to their guests. The Alpino platform could also be developed as sightseeing model that could carry four people or more. Other models equipped with ATV wheels and tracks could address the market of hunters and cross-country explorers.


The Alpino concept was imagined in April 2018 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Jorge Ciprian, an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Jorge graduated with a degree in design from the University of Buenos Aires, and he currently works as freelance designer. He also designed the ecofriendly Manitoo ATV and the Vector personnal watercraft / hydrofoil concept.