The Concept

The Manitoo is an eco-friendly four-wheel drive ATV concept that eliminates carbon while it’s running. It can also adapt its tire width and air pressure to minimize its impact on fauna and flora.

The Background

Last year, I worked on a powersport vehicle concept designed to minimize soil erosion. What if futuristic ATV’s were designed and engineered to replenish life and reduce carbon monoxide? This is what the Manitoo concept aims to accomplish.

How It Works

The Manitoo would be powered by a compact but powerful 250cc two-stroke combustion engine that would burn hydrogen instead of gasoline. The hydrogen tanks would be located under the pilot’s seat and would be quick and easy to change. (They are the yellow cylinders on the Manitoo’s images.) The powerpack could also be electric if desired.

One of the most interesting parts about the Manitoo would be its capacity to promote new life every time you take it out for a spin. This would be achieved by linking each Manitoo to a non-profit organization like One Tree Planted. Each time you hop on your Manitoo, the organization would automatically receive an order to plant trees.

The communication/transaction would be done by linking the Manitoo to your home wi-fi. When you come back from your ride, the Manitoo would report the exact amount of logged hours and mileage and adjust your ‘ecoride’ balance. Planting a tree costs exactly $1, so users could decide how many of them they want to plant through the app.

Furthermore, the Manitoo would be able to expand its tire width to reduce the surface pressure on the ground, modify energy consumption, and even reduce noise levels. The tires’ internal air pressure could also be modified in each wheel depending on the surface that needs to be crossed or the speed at which the driver is travelling. The goal is to optimize the wheel’s characteristics (width, diameter, internal pressure) for the trail conditions. The Manitoo could therefore cross various soil densities and sensitive areas while reducing its impact to a minimum.

Potential Market

The Manitoo proposes multiple types of technologies to minimize the impact of recreational vehicles on our planet and even generate a positive return on it. Some of the ideas proposed here will take time and capital to develop, while others are easy to implement.

The most important question, however, is the level of consumer interest. Do they understand, need or want products and innovations like these? Are they willing to pay the extra money for the new service? That is the purpose of the Manitoo concept and article. I hope it will generate some interest, so don’t hesitate to contact us if it inspires you.


The Manitoo concept was imagined in Juanuary 2018 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Jorge Ciprian, an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Jorge graduated with a degree in design from the University of Buenos Aires, and he currently works as freelance designer. He also designed the Phantor surveillance robot and the Exoski snowmobile for Imaginactive.