The Concept

The Xubikoo is an autonomous ‘lounge car’ that would combine the stunning looks of an exotic luxury car with the most intelligent artificial assistant in the world.

Origin of the Idea

Imagine if your next car were as comfortable as a limousine, as sexy as a luxury sedan, and smarter than any assistant because of its powerful AI that would continuously work to make your ride and your life more enjoyable. This is the idea behind the Xubikoo. It’s an evolution of our Perceptor concept that was posted in August 2017.

How It Works

The Xubikoo would feature an advanced observation system powered by artificial intelligence that would be programmed to enhance the passengers’ riding experience. It would study people’s behavior and talk to passengers in order to adapt its driving style (through route choice) and the inside mood (through music, lights, scents, and topics of discussion).

The Xubikoo’s AI would be able to read human emotions and connect with its owners by chatting with them, providing advice, and improving their commuting experience. As it developed its insight and anticipated emotions, the Xubikoo could monitor evolving situations and predict their outcome. It could even learn to remain quiet based on the situation. In short, it would learn and improve its interactions.

Its owner could also confide to the Xubikoo. The conversation would remain confidential and encrypted, and the AI would answer queries and stimulate the discussion to reduce stress in real time through interaction, music, various scents, and lighting.

The car’s AI would be able to monitor its passengers for any safety concerns (e.g. too much alcohol, drugs, or excessive fatigue) to alert emergency services in case a medical situation arose, and then it would provide all necessary information to the emergency department.

The car would feature large sliding doors, making it easy to enter and sit down in a compact but comfortable but lounge. A table would be hidden in the floor to provide more space when entering, and then it would deploy during transit to display holographic images for everyone to enjoy.

The Xubikoo’s lateral windows would double as screens to create a special immersive experience. Passengers could also use wireless VR headsets to plunge themselves into any kind of adventure. The Xubikoo would come equipped with a 500-mile (805 km) lithium-air battery pack and an inductive/wireless charging system.

Last but not least, if two passengers wanted to transform the Xubikoo into a “Night Car,” they could simply push a button that would lower the table and motorize the seats and back rest to create a queen-size bed. This bed would be cooled or heated, and noise-cancellation speakers embedded in the walls panels would greatly reduce outside noises.

Potential Market

The Xubikoo is a new combination of computer software and hardware for the automotive market. It could definitely change the industry by taking us beyond the autonomous car technologies in development today and pushing towards human-computer interaction. The Xubikoo’s main goal would be to reduce stress, prevent accidents, and boost passenger morale. BMU Labs in Montreal is currently developing a series in technology that forms a basic prototype. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact its CEO, Yan Cyr.


The Xubikoo concept was imagined in August 2018 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Jorge Ciprian, an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Jorge graduated with a degree in design from the University of Buenos Aires, and he currently works as freelance designer. He also designed the Colombi, an autonomous neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) designed for people using wheelchairs.