The concept

The MOTO2 is an application designed for recreational vehicles that would automatically reduce carbon monoxide everytime a pilot uses their powersport product.


Would it be possible to reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the air while using recreational products? Can we revitalize our planet while exploring and discovering the outback?

How it works

The MOTO2 app would have the ability to create life every time it is used. Indeed, the MOTO2 application would be connected to the computer systems of an organization like

Every time you ride your recreational vehicle (motorcycle, snowmobile, watercraft, motorcycle, etc.), the MOTO2 app would automatically send out orders to plant trees and create life on our planet. The application could also support other types of projects that reduce carbon production.

The powersports vehicle’s electronic module would automatically calculate the fuel consumption and transmit the information to the stakeholder, owner and/or manufacturer, and the carbon credit broker. Geolocation, accelerations, speed and external temperature could help estimate equivalent pounds of CO2 that would be emitted for other planned trips.

Owners would simply need to choose their compensation preference, tree planting, carbon sequestration and similar projects. It would be easy to ride with any type of product, knowing that we are contributing to the revitalization of our water and atmosphere. Eventually, recreational products will be powered by electric motors, but users will most probably continue using the MOTO2 service to continue revitalizing the planet.

Potential market

This product is aimed at owners interested in minimizing the impact recreational vehicles have on our planet, and even generate a positive return for humanity. This idea is not that difficult to implement since the technology required exists. The most important question, however is this : Is there enough customers willing to pay the extra money ($) for this service?

Maybe the first MOTO2 apps could be installed on vehicles rented at Eco resort. There will probably be a greater potential of acceptance at those resorts. Subsequently, the product could be offered as an option for new buyers.


The MOTO2 concept was imagined in November 2018 by Charles Bombardier and the images were designed by Jorge Ciprian, an Argentine industrial designer. Jorge has a degree in design from the University of Buenos Aires and is currently working as a freelance designer. He also designed the Manitoo ATV and the Vector Hydrofoil Watercraft.