The Concept

The Kugaaruk is a dual-concept airship designed in part to transport prefabricated homes such as The Season Chaser to remote areas that would otherwise be inaccessible by traditional land or sea methods.

The Context  

The Kugaaruk, is inspired current airship projects being designed in the world right now and a follow-up to our 2014 Alert Airship. This airship was named after the hamlet Kugaaruk in Canada’s Nunavut territory. Infrastructure in the region is limited and the extreme cold temperatures, which average as low as ‑30°C means that transporting materials is a challenging prospect. The Kugaaruk will offer a solution to this problem.

How it Works

The outer body of the Kugaaruk would be treated with super hydrophobic coating to reduce ice build-up in sub-zero temperatures. It could also feature de-icing boots, de-icing fluid nozzles, and infrared heating to reduce ice build-up.

Four Pratt & Whitney PT6 turbo prop engines, delivering up to 2,000 hp and equipped with Scimitar propellers, would provide the necessary power to propel the Airship in flight and soften its landing by pivoting on axis like the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey.

What is it Used For?

Canada’s Nunavut territory is facing a housing crisis. Nearly half of the public housing in the area is classed as ‘too old to live in’ and some even contain dangerous levels of mould, which is an unsafe living environment. While the federal government has set aside money for new public housing, the building process is slow and it is estimated that it will be decades before the needs of the Nunavut citizens are met.

A main factor in the slow building process is the lack of infrastructure and freezing climate in the area. It is therefore extremely difficult for materials to be transported into Nunavut. The Kugaaruk offers a solution to this problem as it will allow pre-fabricated modular homes such as the season chaser to be safely and quickly delivered into the area via air.

As the Kugaaruk has been designed to accommodate the transport of modular homes, it also has the potential to act as a ‘cruise ship of the skies’ offering luxury suites to its VIP passengers. (see also our 2017 Invitation concept)


The Kugaaruk concept was imagined in November 2018 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Martin Rico. Martin studied Design at the University of Buenos Aires and now works for the ICAO as an Industrial Designer for the future of aviation.