The Concept

The Meritis is luxury catamaran concept that features a retractable landing pad especially designed for personal electric VTOL aircraft. It uses a biomimetic propulsion system resembling the movement of whale’s tail.

Origin of the idea

The Meritis is the follow-up to our Seataci yatch concept. This time we wanted to design or add a bit of an emphasis on the interaction between seafaring vessels and electric VTOL aircraft like our Alkonos and Jetsol concepts.

How It Works

The Meritis would feature a biomimetic propulsion system, similar to the Mekafin concept. This system is comprised of an oscillating foil that pushes the water like the tail of a whale. The fin might prove a more efficient method of propulsion compared to propellers. The fin would generate less noise under water, and it would allow the ship to sail in shallower waters without breaking its propellers or rudders.

It is also a much safer alternative to propellers for sea animals, passengers who are swimming around the boat and would not cause damage to coral reefs. The use of a propulsion system of this type would require less fuel to power than normal propellers, thereby allowing for a more environmentally friendly yacht.

The Meritis has two hulls one on each side, which allows for water to enter into the central area which houses the oscillating system used to propelled the craft forward.  At the end of each hull, there is a flexible extension that could bend under an electric current allowing for the vessel to be steered (not shown).

The lower portion of each pontoon would feature large panoramic windows located on each side of the ship. This will provide passengers with an impressive underwater experience.  The dining hall and observatory lounge would be installed on the main mid-bridge along with a tropical garden.

The Meritis features a retractable landing pads for two types of electric VTOL aircraft such as the Jetsol and Alkonos. These drones could be used to fly to the shore or visit small ‘motu’ or ‘atolls’ nearby.

What It’s Used For

The Meritis is first and foremost a luxury ship, but it could also be built and sold as a private scientific or excursion ship. It would be interesting to use it to explore channels or islands located in shallow waters and witness the fascinating underwater life during each cruise. Integrating new technologies like the oscillating foil is probably a big risk; however, it could provide a good payoff if this technology proves to be more sustainable than what is currently being used.


The Meritis concept was imagined in December 2018 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Jorge Ciprian, an Argentine industrial designer. Jorge has a degree in design from the University of Buenos Aires and is currently working as a freelance designer. He also designed the MotO2 and the Wintonomous car concept.