The Concept

The Odron is an autonomous drone designed and engineered to water and care for plants at home.


The ‘Roomba’ was one of the first autonomous robotic devices created for the home. It was designed to vacuum an entire house with one click of a button meaning the user did not have to complete the task themselves. We envisioned a device, now called the Odron, that would be able to act as a robotic gardener allowing users to grow beautiful and expensive plants without the worry of having to look after and care for them on a daily basis.

How it works

The Odron is able to analyze each plant in the users home via photo recognition or and other types of sensors. This would allow the Odron to create a schedule of watering and feeding so that the plants get the correct growing conditions that they require. The Odron features a range of detectors so that it can analyse soil & air humidity, sun levels and air temperature. Coupled with a mobile app, the Odron will be able to tell you if you need to move the plants into or out of the sun so that they are in their optimized environment.

The Odron is able to activate the water faucet on ordinary sinks in order to fill its watering tank and carry on with its daily tasks. The Odron is discrete and could operate when the user leaves the house. In turn this also means that if the user is away from the house for long periods of time, they do not have to ask anyone to look after the plants when they are gone.

Finally, the Odron will be able to communicate with other drones and share information on optimized conditions for all the plants in the Odron’s database.


The Odron concept was imagined in November 2018 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Jorge Ciprian, an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Jorge graduated with a degree in design from the University of Buenos Aires, and he currently works as freelance designer. Jorge also created the images of the Katroli helicopter and the Panoramair aircraft.