The Concept

PDM25 is a futuristic ‘microairport’ concept that would be located at Pointe-du-Moulin in the heart of Montréal’s waterfront. Electric personal aerial vehicles like the Lilium, the Blackfly and the Hoversurf, arriving from nearby cities, provinces and states would be able to safely fly and land on its rooftop pads autonomously. Company executives, clients and board members would also be able to meet in its high tech conference room designed for the decentralized office of the future.


In February 2019, the Canadian government, the Canada Lands Company and the Old Port of Montréal requested a call for proposals for the revitalization of the Pointe-du-Moulin and Silo 5 sector. The PDM25 concept was thus created as a vision that will breathe new life into the area and become an emblematic project for the city while conserving the site’s architectural heritage.

What is it Used For?

The PDM25 proposes a ‘touch & go’ service allowing passengers of autonomous aerial vehicles to land on the rooftop’s landing pads. The building complex would feature 10 floors of new office space. The existing silos would be converted into premium boardrooms equipped with the latest AI-enabled conference technologies. This transport hub would allow executives to meet with their teams, clients and board members using AR/VR to review projects and conduct live meetings and business in a decentralized way.

The PDM25 would be connected to Montreal’s REM Peel Basin train station. Elevated rapid moving walkways would allow travellers to reach Montreal’s downtown district and the Quartier des spectacles within a few minutes. The whole site would also be connected directly to Montreal’s projected baseball stadium.

The Market

Montreal is one of the world’s leading cities for the aerospace industry. The Pointe-du-Moulin site would make an excellent test bed to develop, improve and demonstrate how we can integrate personal aerial vehicles with infrastructure related to urban mobility (light rail trains, elevated walkways, autonomous cars, etc.). The PDM would also provide a test for regulations, air traffic management, etc.

The conversion of the silos into high tech boardrooms and the construction of office floors dedicated to decentralized company HQ would also bring new life into the area.


The PDM25 concept was imagined in February 2019 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Martin Rico. He studied design at the University of Buenos Aires and works as an Industrial Designer for the Internation Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). If you have a concept idea about the Future of Aviation and would like to share it with the world, please visit the ICAO’s contest website.