The Concept

The Ambular is an emergency response drone designed to carry sick and wounded patients. The Ambular can lift patients and transport them safely across short to medium distances via the air. It is a concept that could be used by paramedics in cities and in the countryside were access by helicopter or by land is not viable.

The Background

The Ambular concept was based on the idea of a small aircraft, capable of flying one person in and out of a difficult to reach place. One obvious market for the Ambular was to be used in harmony with first aid responders who need to rapidly extract a patient from inaccessible areas. (like third floor with spiral stairs).

How It Works

The Ambular would be equipped with six propellers, each with a diameter of 1.2 meters. Each prop would be capable of producing 20 Kw of power. This power would allow for patients even in and above the 250 lb region to be safely extracted and transport over distances as far as 15 nautical miles. An autonomous flight system would be developed to carry the passenger safely to the nearest hospital autonomously.

The shape of the Ambular could be altered to optimize lift, and additional micro turbines or small jet thrusters could be used to provide additional boost to the aircraft for take-off. The frame of this vehicle would need to be as light and robust as possible, potentially using newly developed superlight materials. Landing skids could be deployed for landings on most surfaces and a winch and pully system connected to a confined space rescue kit will allow for rescues in the most challenging terrain.

The cockpit should be designed to sustain the life of a patient during the short flight and include vital lifesaving apparatus.

The Designer

The Ambular concept was imagined in November 2018 by Charles Bombardier. It was designed by Martin Rico who studied design at the University of Buenos Aires and works as an Industrial Designer for the Internation Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Martin also created the PDM25 concept for Imaginactive.