The Concept

The Elektra is a radical regional aircraft concept that uses a distributed system to direct air into its wings and take off vertically.

The Background

Would it be possible to develop a commercial eVTOL regional jet one day? The Elektra explore this idea, it was inspired in part by the 1950’s Ouragan, the Mystère IV Fighter jet and more recently, by the Lilium electric jet.

How It Works

The Elektra uses a hybrid powerpack made of three components. The first one is a gas turbine that uses a recuperated Brayton cycle engine positioned in the nose of the aircraft. This turbine would be engineered to push air inside the wings of the aircraft as well as below or behind them.

The second component is an ion lithium battery that would handle peak power demands during take-off. Power from the batteries would be distributed to electric propellers embedded inside second set of flaps. These electric propellers would pull the air over the wings and direct it rearward or downward depending on the flaps’ position.

The third component would be a smaller turbine installed within the tail section that would be used to generate electrical power for the microprops as well as pushing and balancing the aircraft using thrust vectoring.

By using a distributive and hybrid power approach, it would be possible to increase the range of the Elektra compared to similar models. For instance, when taking off or landing at an airport gate, the Elektra could use power transferred from a base on the tarmac to save its onboard energy.

What It’s Used For

The Elektra could be used as a new generation of regional jet. With its eVTOL capacity, it would be able to land directly at the airport’s gate or even on top of urban commercial towers designed for this purpose.

The Designer

The Elektra concept was imagined in March 2019. It was designed by Jorge Ciprian, an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Jorge graduated with a degree in design from the University of Buenos Aires, and he currently works as freelance designer. Jorge also created the images of Fountainhead drone parking tower and the Solorocket launch complex.