The Concept

The Terzi is a futuristic building designed to serve as a commuting tower for trains, autonomous cars, eVTOL and regional airships. The Terzi would act as an urban intermodal hub for people commuting on a daily or weekly basis.

Origin of the Idea

In early 2019, we published a few tower concepts (See PDM25, Foutainhead and Aerostratos) which were designed for various modes of transportation. These novel architectural concepts proved interesting, but we wanted to push the idea further and integrate trains, subways and airships into a tower that could also include apartments and commercial space.

How It Works

The Terzi is a concept tower that would act as a multi-story and multi-use space for all kinds of vehicles. It would be designed for specific local needs (commercial, residential, office, mass transit) and be developed to integrate the preferred modes of transportation of the hosting city.

Incorporated into the building would be elevator systems designed to bring people to the Airship decks and take-off platforms for eVTOLs. Other elevators connected to street level would allow autonomous cars to be parked in the Terzi. Drones and flying cars would be handled by autonomous conveyors, which would move these aerial vehicles into small bays equipped with wireless charging systems.

The Terzi would feature special panoramic floors offering bird-eye views of the city. On those floors, travellers would find coffee shops, restaurants and other services along with public areas and private waiting rooms. Passengers could pause there while vehicles are being retrieved and prepped for flight.

The Terzi would be built over one of the city’s subway station. On lower floors elevated train stations could also be integrated, allowing visitors to travel to the suburbs. As mentioned before, regional airships could dock using one of the two rotating mooring mast at the top of the building.

The Market

Some of the vehicles described in this concept already exists and others are being prototypes as we speak. There is definitely a market for multipurpose transit towers like the Terzi since they could combine traffic in a single hub.

The Designer

The Terzi concept was imagined in March 2019 by Charles and designed by Ashish Thulkar, an Industrial Designer from Bangalore, India. Ashish graduated with a master’s degree in design from the Indian Institute of Science in 2014. Ashish currently works as a freelance vehicle designer in Mumbai, India. He also created the images of the Cloudraker concept for Imaginactive.