The Concept

The Transvolution is a radical concept which combines both air and road travel allowing passengers to reach their city centre destinations much more quickly and efficiently.

The Origin

The concept was inspired in part by a recent concept we published called ‘Cloudraker’. The Transvolution would be much easier to create and we decided to explore this idea a little further.

How It Works

Flying, disembarking and transferring to other modes of transportation is very time consuming. The Transvolution concept tries to envision a way in which autonomous electric cars and air travel can be combined.

The Transvolution is an electric car / aircraft that would be designed around a central cabin equipped with a detachable wing equipped with electric engines located on top and behind the wing surface.

The ‘drone wing’ could detach itself easily from the cabin and fly to the nearest charging station using its eVTOL capacity. The car’s lower base would be similar to an electric sports car designed for road use. The autonomous base of the Transvolution would be engineered to capture the cabin and lock it in place.

When needed Transvolution wings could be summoned from their charging point. Same principle would apply to the autonomous base. The cabin could thus be the property of the owner while the powered unit (Wing or car base) could be rented and charged ‘à la carte’.

Potential Market

The Transvolution might be the future of intermodal transportation. People could own cabins [cockpits] that could transpose on various types of machines including trains and hydrofoils. Maybe this concept could also be scaled down for a powersport application. An idea we’ll try to explore in the near future…


The Transvolution concept was imagined in March 2019. It was designed by Martin Rico, who studied design at the University of Buenos Aires and who also created the PDM25 urban airport for Imaginactive along with the Singapore Special hypersonic scramjet.