The Concept

Tobor is a robotic DJ capable of taking song requests from a diverse crowd, reading the atmosphere of the room in real time, and animating a party so it’s always a total success.

The Background

I recently went to the Star Wars-themed Oga’s Cantina at Galaxy’s Edge, which featured a robot that was acting like a DJ playing pre-set songs. This particular setup inspired me to create the Tobor concept. What if we could simply buy (or rent) a cool-looking robot that was smart enough to interact with your guests and handle all your DJ needs?

How It Works

Japanese company Kawada Robotics already makes robots similar to the one I saw at Galaxy’s Edge. The Nextage series is already in production and could easily be adapted to become a Tobor DJ bot. The Nextage is built for industrial use and precision, so it could be programmed to do hundreds of different moves to stimulate crowds or even double as a basic bartender.

A machine learning software similar to the one created by SportslogIQ would identify people in the room and on the dance floor and calculate dozens of scenarios based on observation and prediction. What makes people talk more or dance more? Is the atmosphere rising or cooling down? A lot of questions could be answered by observing the crowd.

Tobor could also read song requests written on paper, listen to vocal requests (maybe even read lips) and, of course, take requests sent via the Tobor app. Then it would play the songs in the best possible order to build the atmosphere of the party while watching how people react to each song and playing with BPM and other DJ cues. In short, Tobor would become an expert in reading crowds of all ages and all walks of life.

Tobor could also be made to carry on a conversation with party goers and animate the crowd with snappy remarks. It would also recognize you by your name and adapt its style based on the mood of the evening. It would be the next best thing to having a 5 Star DJ at your party!

The Tobor system would be connected to the building’s security system to help evacuate a room in case of a fire or incident. A wi-fi module on Tobor created by Aerial would be able to detect people in other rooms or floors and alert the party’s host in case of a medical emergency.

What It’s Used For

It’s difficult to have a DJ that can take all requests, read a crowd, know how to please everyone, and continually keep his focus without a break to make sure the event is perfect. Imagine if bars could acquire a Tobor and use it to make a perfect party each night a real DJ is not playing? Imagine if you could buy a residential version of Tobor for less than a $1000 that included all the machine learning and interface of the high end version?

I think that it will be possible to see this type of equipment soon. I hope someone is already working on a prototype. If you need to test it out, contact me!

Featured Image

I would like to thank Disneyland for the featured Image taken at Oga’s Cantina located at the Galaxy’s Edge from the Star wars universe. The Robot DJ inspired me to create the Tobor concept. The name ‘Tobor’ was inspired from a 1954 Science Fiction movie with the same title.