The Concept

The QB is a four-season amphibious side-by-side vehicle (SSV)—think of it as a cross-country / expedition machine. It would be primarily configured to carry two people, but it would be possible to change the platform layout to transport more cargo. It features a dual steering mode that lets the driver alternate between power steering and skid steering depending on the need.

The Background

Marshes and swamps are one of the few places where I haven’t ventured too much with my vehicles. It’s always a showstopper when you encounter them with an ATV or side-by-side! The BB Carrier invented by J-A Bombardier could handle this type of land, but it was never produced in large numbers. I was wondering how we could design a new generation of amphibious vehicles with a cost around $40K.

How it Works

The QB would be built on an aluminum frame and equipped with a modified 100hp Rotax 1000R. This engine is currently used for off-road products, and it could be adapted to drive a hydraulic system. A 150-amp alternator would provide enough current for all the electrical equipment, including power steering for the four wheels.

The QB would be equipped with hydraulic motors on each wheel. The vehicle’s transmission would feature two gears (low, high reverse). The lower, more powerful gear would be used to carry heavy loads at low speeds.

The tire treads could be also be changed depending on the terrain. All wheels of the QB could be steered, so it would be possible to turn on a dime. The power distribution would be managed by an onboard computer system to optimize traction and minimize top soil disruption.

The QB is amphibious, so you would be able to cross rivers, lakes, or a marsh with it. The frame and body could be adapted depending on customer requirements. Right now the vehicle is generously sized since we planned space for large tires inspired by the Fat Truck (in production) and the Typhon prototype.

What It’s Used For

The QB could be used to explore vast expenses of land where you frequently encounter all types of terrain, including wetlands or deep rivers. Its computerized steering system would make it possible to save fuel (tire inflation) and reduce impact on soil by managing power distribution and steering. It’s a multi-purpose vehicle designed to cover a vast array of use depending on the needs of its owner with price tag around $40 000.


The QB concept was imagined in May 2019 by Charles Bombardier, and the images were created Adolfo Esquivel, a freelance industrial designer based in Montreal who has created many design for Imaginactive.