The Concept 

The Lakemaster is an ultra-fast snowmobile powered by electric sprocket motors. It’s equipped with a monoski, selfbalancing system and a variable seat able to adapt to the driver’s ergonomic preference. 

Origin of the Idea 

When I was a teenager, I had a black ‘Mach 1 snowmobile that I rode with my friends around the Valcourt region. We always raced each other a quarter mile (or more) across the great, iced-over Lake Brompton. The Lakemaster envisions a snowmobile with tremendous torque and low drag that would be able to outrun every conventional sled—to make its rider the ‘Lake Master’. 

How IWorks 

The sprockets of the Lakemaster are motorized like electric inwheel motors. This means that there is no combustion engine or fuel tank. Lithium-Sulfur batteries could power the sprocket motors and be positioned around the vehicle to balance the center of mass. 

The Lakemaster has a monoski to reduce wind and snow drag. The vehicle is also equipped with a selfbalancing system, so it remains stable and upright at low speed even on ice. In front of the pilot’s solar plexus, there is a gelfilled pad equipped with an independent suspension that would support the pilot while they’re leaning on the sled at high speed. Each pilot would be able to create a custom form to adapt this support to their specific body shape.  

The seat and the footpegs of the Lakemaster could slide to the back of the snowmobile, thus adapting to the ergonomics of the driver and speed of the sled. When the vehicle is stopped, the seat and handlebar could be raised with electric motors. The idea is to provide a variable ergonomic seating position—riding like a ‘Low rider’ or ‘Superman. 

The Lakemaster would learn and adapt to the driving style and preference of its owner, meaning the seating position, the way curves are handled, the acceleration, the required information on the cluster, etc. could all become more fluid and seamless over time.  


The Lakemaster is a vision for a different kind of sled that brings together various ideas (variable ergonomics, sprocket motors, selfbalancing and adaptive system). It’s meant to foster discussion and inspire. I chose an orange / black coloration because it reminded me of ‘Motoski’ and my old ‘Ski-Doo Mach 1’. As for the meaning of the letters and numbers printed on the sled… that’s for you to find out!   

The Designer 

The Lakemaster concept was imagined in May 2019 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Jorge Ciprian, an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Jorge graduated with a degree in design from the University of Buenos Aires, and he currently works as freelance designer. Jorge also created the images of Fountainhead drone parking tower and the Elektra commercial eVTOL jet.