The Concept

The Monosonic is a single wheeled, off-road concept designed to operate in difficult terrain and narrow trails where conventional ATVs cannot go. It would reduce the impact of each ride whilst still allowing powersports enthusiasts to explore the backcountry.

The Background

With new types of batteries, electrical motors, materials and technologies hitting the market, it is feasible to develop and test out new machine configurations. The idea behind the Monosonic is to create a new kind of ‘monocross’ that’s able to traverse hard-to-reach spots that are inaccessible with today’s Quads. I wanted the Monosonic to be a clean and silent electric vehicle that could reduce soil erosion, and therefore the vehicle’s environmental impact.

How It Works

The Monosonic could be developed as a variation/iteration on the 2003 Bombardier Embryo and the Ryno Micro-Cycle. An ergonomic kneeling seat could be installed on the unit’s base, and spring-loaded suspension would absorb shocks from the road. To turn left or right, the pilot would lean the in the desired direction, adding the thrill of riding close to the ground. The tire type could be modified depending on whether you are riding on sand, dirt or rocky surfaces.

The Monosonic could also made to unite in groups of two, three or four vehicles—similar to the size of a Quad or SSV. This would allow the group to cross larger obstacles or more difficult terrain together. A mechanical connection would be required (such as aluminium tubes), and the controls would be slaved to one unit. While riding in united group formation, the lead could also pilot the group and broadcast signals to coordinate a formation.

The Market

The Monosonic could be marketed as a clean and quiet ‘monocross’ with a reduced eco footprint. It should be priced to be competitive with similar electric models, and one way to reduce cost could be to offer incremental battery packs.  

In due time, a wide range of features would be made available to owners. For example, one version could be made to patrol national parks, while another could be narrowed to the width of a mountain bike. Its modular formation feature could be used to take tourists quietly on exploration tours deep inside dense forests.


The Monosonic concept was imagined in May 2019 by Charles Bombardier and designed by Ashish Thulkar, an Industrial Designer from Bangalore, India. Ashish graduated with a master’s degree in design from the Indian Institute of Science in 2014, and he currently works as a freelance vehicle designer. He also created the Ascent rocket-powered ride and Jestol flying bike.