The Concept

The Isengar is an electric flying car concept equipped with 16 propellers and sliding trap door allowing passengers to disembark without having to go outside the aircraft.

Idea background

I got this idea thinking about how we will use electric vertical take-off (eVTOL) aircraft in winter. Would it be possible to design a simple but safe system allowing passengers to exit the eVTOL without having to step out in the cold and walk between the propellers?

To create an initial vision for this idea, I have teamed up with Martin Rico. In our concept, we created a sliding trap door located between the seats, on the floor of the Isengar.

When the Isengar lands on a rooftop, an elevator would open up a similar trap door and extend a platform to match the Isengar’s entry point. The passengers would then be lowered one by one inside the building’s top floor.

This idea is in motion, if you would like to contribute, don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Isengar flying car concept was imagined in May 2019 by Charles Bombardier.  The images were created Martin Rico, an industrial designer working for the ICAO. Martin’s first project with Imaginactive was the Ecotranzit designed back in 2015.