The Concept

The Pollux is an MX type snowmobile concept powered by twin electric sprocket motors. It’s equipped with a computer-controlled suspension system and a variable carving seat able to adapt to the driver’s ergonomic preference. The Pollux would also use machine learning to improve your rides over time.

 Origin of the Idea

Recently I was contracted by Tony Clieff who dreamed of a sled equipped with two independents 7-inch tracks fairly similar to a prototype built by Robert Bessette early in this century. I was intrigued to revisit such a concept and add a few ideas to it since the last snowmobile I worked on was the [twin track] Ski-Doo Elite.

How It Works

The electric sprockets of the Pollux are motorized like in wheel motors. This means that there is no combustion engine or fuel tank. Lithium-Sulfur batteries would power the sprocket motors positioned inside each track at their rear end to maximize track tension.

The Pollux would be equipped with a self–balancing system, to remain stable and upright when riding on uneven terrain at any speed. The shock absorbers would thus be controlled electronically to follow the trail’s shape and minimize the impact and fatigue on the rider. While side hilling on a mountain slope, the computerized suspension and carving seat could maintain a good level stance.

The Pollux would also learn and adapt to the driving style and preference of its owner. The carving seat would be able to tilt in curves and improve handling. The dual track could also make it possible for the snowmobile to lean by lowering the inside track and raising the outermost track. Of course, the power to each track would vary and could help pivot the sled around its central axis and eliminate spinning into curves.

The Pollux would improve how its handling over time by reading trail conditions, driver input and data from a series of sensors. Each ride would become more fluid and exhilarating over time by using machine learning code able to predict the ideal ‘settings’ for each journey.


The Pollux is a vision for a different kind of sled that brings together various ideas (dual tracks, sprocket motors, self–balancing and adaptive systems). Would it be possible to use a transparent polymer over the rear track and cool the motorized sprocket differently? What is the gap required between each track? How can we develop smarter shocks?  It’s meant to foster discussion and inspire the design and engineering of future generations of snowmobiles.

The Designer

The Pollux concept was imagined by Tony Clieff and Charles Bombardier and it was designed by Jorge Ciprian, an Industrial Designer from Argentina. Jorge graduated with a degree in design from the University of Buenos Aires, and he currently works as a freelance designer. Jorge also created the images of Fountainhead drone parking tower and the Mistral flying RV camper.