In January 2013, Charles Bombardier (CB) created his first concept and commissioned industrial designer Aaron Hugues to convert his vision into images. This is how the Motosub concept was born.

A short history…

March 2013 :  The first article is published on our website ‘’

November 2013 : The Toronto Globe & Mail hires CB to publish weekly concepts

July 2015 : Imaginactive is officially founded in Montreal Canada by CB.

Year 2015, 2016 and onward, publications, interviews in BBC, Forbes, CNN etc.

May 2016: CB Receives the Most Innovative People Award in Industrial Design.

July 2016 : Wired magazine hires CB to publish monthly concepts

Sept 2017 : Perceptor : Last article published in the Globe & Mail after 4 years.

Sept 2017 : CB starts collaboration to produce videos and 3D animations for the ICAO.

August 2018 : ICAO hires CB as Senior Advisor, Future of Aviation

Imaginactive is a non-profit organization based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The innovative concept ideas you will find on this site are meant to be published and shared openly (with credits). Charles Bombardier collaborates with industrial designers from around the world to convert his vision into amazing 3D renderings and animations.

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Charles always seeks out new creative inventors, industrial designers and 3D artists to work with. If you would like to collaborate with him & Imaginactive simply use the following contact form. Thank you for your interest!

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