Board of Directors, Imaginactive

Imaginactive is a non-for-profit organization (NFP) administered by a board of directors, which consists of a president and 5 directors who are members of the organization and who pay an annual membership fee. The Board of Directors ensures that Imaginactive fulfills its mission, provides strategic direction and oversight, and adopts the annual operations budget.

The board meets 3 times a year at the head office located at 4521 Boul Saint-Laurent in Montreal. To view the registration of the organization on the Government of Canada’s website click here

Charles Benoit was until August 2015 President, Television and Radio of Bell Media. He was in charge of television, radio and digital strategies for both official languages. This entity consisted of seven specialized French language and the English-language CTV television station, along with 25 radio stations. Charles Benoit has also spent the last 28 years of his career in the Canadian communications sector, having worked for 10 years in the film industry.

Dominique Boisvert started his career in the R&D team of Softimage, makers of professional 3D animation software. In 1992, he joins Discreet Logic to design a high-end post-production tools and becomes CTO (Chief technology officer). Discreet Logic was later sold to Autodesk in 1998. M. Boisvert received two awards in 1998 and 1999 from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for his work on Softimage and Discreet Logic software.

Charles Bombardier is a Canadian engineer, researcher and angel investor. Early in his career he successfully developed vehicles for BRP and later turned his attention on the future of mobility and industrial design. In 2013, he founded Imaginactive and received in 2016 the Most Innovative People Award in 2016 for his work in industrial design. In 2017 he started collaborating with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). He also on the board of the Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec.

Isabelle Bombardier holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Laval University. She began her career in human resources at Bombardier Aerospace where she focused on human resources management. Since 2013, she works a CEO of a private investment firm. Ms. Bombardier also sits on the Board of Directors of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Foundation, where she has held the role of governor since 2005.

Louis-Armand Bombardier is founding president of L-A be (Let artists be). Founded in 2001, the company has produced and marketed projects, local and European artists, festivals and a trade show. Louis-Armand Bombardier also owns of Studio B-12 in Valcourt and co-owner of Montreal’s Le Ministère concert Hall. Louis-Armand also sits on the boards of ADISQ, SOPROQ, SACEF, Imaginactive and the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Foundation.

Pierre Marcotte is an experienced executive with many years of service with international companies such as Imperial Tobacco, Coca-Cola Ltd. and Labatt Brewing Company. Holder of an MBA, he spent the last 20 years in entrepreneurship and consulting where he assisted SMEs in their business development and strategic orientation. He now operates a private company in the food service in the Montreal area.