Imaginactive is a non profit organisation that continuously need financial support for all of its design related activities. Our members, sponsors, and benefactors helps us finance various cool projects and we would like you to join our effort because together we can inspire millions of people around the world!  Here’s a few ways you can contribute :


Every year, Imaginactive publishes a 100 page design book and gives away free copies to schools so that children can be inspired by their content. You can contribute to this project by picking a school where you would like us to send four (4) of our recent books. (Average cost is 50$ per school) :

Become a privileged member


Become a privileged Imaginactive member and receive a monthly newsletter featuring all of our ongoing concepts and ideas a long way before they are published. This newsletter includes ideas, sketches, drawings and comments on what’s coming up way ahead of the public. (Annual cost is 240$ per year).