Here’s a series of articles in chronological order, about our concepts, published on media websites from around the world. These articles are in English, if you would like to see articles in French click here. If you would like to see articles in other foreign languages click here.

Behance, April, 2019 : The Innovation of Imagination

Daily Mail, April, 2019 : In the future plane passengers…

Estate un Rato, September 29th, 2018 : The Drone Tower

Reccom Magazine, August 28th, 2018 : Solar Express, Un Treno Per Marte (Video)

SciencePost, July 11th, 2018 : Muadib: The “Cruise Ship” Of The Desert

BMU Labs Neuro VR, May 28th, 2018 : 85% Of Jobs That Will Exist In 2030 Haven’t Been Invented Yet

Frazer Consultants, May 11th, 2018 : Future Funeral Trends: Self-driving Hearses, December 11th, 2017 : Skreemr Plane: 30 Minutes From Europe to New York

Forbes France, October 19th, 2017 : Horus: A Flying Superbike

Forbes France, September 7th, 2017 : Randvu: A Train For Businessman

Forbes France, August 14th, 2017 : Pantero: A Wedding Between Bus and Tram

Robb Report, August 2nd, 2017 : Drawn to the Wild Side: 4 Visionary Concepts in Aircraft, Wheels, and Watches.

Digital Trends, July 19th, 2017: Seataci Superyacht Concept Mimics A Whale’s Tail-Propulsion System

Intel IQ, June 26th, 2017: Five High-Tech Projects That Benefit Nature

Yanko Design, June 23rd, 2017: Amazon Meets Drone Meets Hyperloop!

TrendHunter, June 12th, 2017: Desert Landscape Vehicles: Muadib

Gypsy Ninja, May 26th, 2017: The “Solar Express” Train Could Get Humans To Mars In Two Days

South China Morning Post, May 17th, 2017: Electric Flying Car Offers A Solution To Heavy Traffic – For HK$144 Million

Canada MotoGuide, April 10th, 2017: Montrealer’s Motorcycle/Bus Hybrid Is As Gonzo As It Gets

Daily Mail, April 7th, 2017: Would You Hop Aboard? Bizarre Concept Shows a Multi-Person Motorcyle the Size of a City Bus

Tech Camp, March 4th, 2017: Self-Driving Hearse Could Project Holograms Of The Dead

Trending Talks, March 3rd, 2017: Self-driving hearse could project holograms of the dead – CNET

Nunatsiaq Online, February 24nd, 2017: Designer envisions huge all-terrain Arctic cruise vehicles for Nunavut


The Maritime Exclusive, February 21st, 2017: All-Terrain Cruise “Ship” for the Arctic?

Forbes, February 1st, 2017: Is This Buzz Aldrin-Inspired Locomotive The Future Of Space Travel?

FreshLife, January 25th, 2017: Will a wish to spend holidays on moon become reality? Designers unveil plans

Maxim, January 24th, 2017: Check Out This Insane Spaceship That Will Ferry Tourists Between Earth And The Moon

Forbes, January 9th, 2017: Fly from Los Angeles to Sydney in Under Four Hours on this Sleek Supersonic Jet

RideApart, January 6th, 2017: Are Motorcycle Police Drones Coming?

DesignBoom, December 21st, 2016: Whitefox personal four-seater snowmobile

PopularMechanics, December 16th, 2016: MOBILITY, MADE PERSONAL (p.32)

CNN, December 8th, 2016: Police superbikes: The new breed of driverless vehicles

Independent, December 7th, 2016: ‘Antipode’ plane could blast from London to New York in 20 minutes, creator claims

Club Yacht, November 3rd, 2016: Float like a Whale

DubaïMazad, October 30th, 2016: SEATACI CONCEPT YACHT

ZipCar, October 7th, 2016: A Look Inside 6 Awesomely Futuristic Apartments

Daily Mail, September 30th, 2016: Revealed: The $100million luxury eco-yacht featuring passenger drones and a tropical garden that will glide through the water ‘like a whale’

Forbes, September 29th, 2016: Would You Pay $100 Million for this Whale Tail-Powered Luxury Yacht?

Inquisitr, September 3rd, 2016: Solar Express Space Train Doesn’t Stop, Theoretical Ship Could Travel to Mars in Days

Startlr, September 2nd, 2016: Space train concept could lead the man to Mars in just two days

Daily Mail, August 31st, 2016: Now you never need leave your sofa: Bizarre self driving LIVING ROOM can detach from your house and turn into a car

Mirror, August 31st, 2016:  Amazing space train ‘Solar Express’ could shuttle passengers to Mars in just two days

New Source Corporation, August 31st, 2016: Will Solar Express be a new source of space transportation?

Design Indaba, August 31st, 2016: Solar Express: The futuristic space transit concept

Science World Report, August 30th, 2016: Transport Humans To Mars In Just Two Days? The Envisioned ‘Space Train’ Could Actually Do That

Huffington Post, August 30th, 2016: ‘Space Train’ Could Transport Humans Around Our Solar System

Daily Mail, August 30th, 2016: Meet Roko, the ROBOMONKEY that could save your life: Invention can swing through trees to deliver first aid kits and supplies

Futurism, August 29th, 2016: “Space Train” Concept Could Get Humans to Mars in Two Days, If Only It Would Work


British Motorcycle Federation, August 27th, 2016: Will you be riding this in 50 years?

Sciencealert, August 26th, 2016: Meet the ‘space train’ concept that can get to Mars in 2 days

Daily Mail, August 25th, 2016: All aboard the Solar Express! Radical train concept could travel at 3,000km/s and take man to Mars in just 37 HOURS

Smart Highways, August 24th, 2016: Coming soon… the autonomous motorbike

Daily Mail, August 23rd, 2016: The future of commuting? Self-driving two-person ‘Cyclotron’ bike could cut congestion and fuel use

Forbes, August 23rd, 2016: Journey to Mars in Less than Two Days Onboard this Radical Train Concept

Daily Mail, August 17th, 2016: Get ready for drone-friendly tower blocks: Flats of the future could have mini landing strips on their balconies


Daily News, January 29th, 2016: Supersonic jet would fly New York to London in 11 minutes

IndiaTimes, January 29th, 2016: This Supersonic Jet Can Take You From New Delhi To London In Half Hour!

CNN, January 27th, 2016: The Antipode: Flying from New York to London in 11 minutes

Daily Mail, January 25th, 2016: Fly from New York to London in 11 MINUTES: Radical ‘Antipode’ concept plane that uses rocket boosters revealed

Forbes, January 16th, 2016: Exclusive: Fly From New York To Dubai In 22 Minutes On Board This Hypersonic Private Jet Concept

MSN, November 27th, 2015: 18 Real Transformers That Put Optimus Prime To Shame

Esquire, November 5th, 2015: Fancy Flying To New York In Half An Hour?

Popular Mechanics, November 2nd, 2015: Supersonic ‘Skreemr’ Jet Could Fly Faster than Mach 10

On Snow Magazine, October 2015: Future Tense

Quirker, September 20th, 2015: Self-driving, eco-friendly and transparent: Take a look at the hearse of the future

Autoblog, September 12th, 2015: Make your last ride electric in a Korbiyor fuel cell hearse

Popular Science, September 8th, 2015: Concept: An Autonomous Electric

BBC, June 2nd, 2015: Charles Bombardier’s ‘magic bus’

Food Logistics, April 27th, 2015: Wing-In-Ground Effect Vessels: Future Freight Transport?

Maxsled, January 28th, 2015: The Future of Snowmobiles – Concepts and Ideas by Charles Bombardier

Youviewd, January 26th, 2015: The Future Of Snowmobiling As Seen By Bombardier

R&R Associates, January 2015: Like a fish out of water

Proridermag, July 2014: Charles Bombardier Releases New Watrix Concept

WetRacer, June 28th, 2014: The Watrix

Driving to the Future, December 11th, 2014: Design Concept of the Day: Charles Bombardier Spike

Diseno-Art, November 2014: ALERT Military Airship concept

Charles Bombardier Releases New Watrix Concept

EV World, June 2nd, 2014: 350 MPH Electric Motorcycle

Pitpass, May 6th, 2014: A vision of the future – the driverless race car, December 31st, 2013: Arrow: A four-wheeled ‘fighter jet’ for the road (Q&A), January 2, 2014: Tandem electric car is like a road-going jet fighter

Aviation Week, February 25th, 2014: Ice Road Flying, September 6th, 2013: The jet ski that looks like a surfboard

Lazydawgmotortrikes, July 23rd, 2013: Bombardier’s Trailtrike Amps Up Motor Trike Design

Autoevolution, July 14th, 2013: Hallelujah, May Off-Road Trikes Become Real!, July 12th, 2013: Bombardier draws up an enduro trike, July 11th, 2013: Will The Bombardier Trailtrike Make Trikes Cool?

Popular Science, July 10th, 2013: This Trike Motorcycle Concept Is Like A Big Wheel For Adults, May 17th, 2013: Friday Fun: Self-driving automobile + Bus + Taxi = Otobuxi, April 18th, 2013: Bombardier TrailTrike Concept