The short graphic story ‘Tsunami Alert !’ was created by Charles Bombardier, Yuri Fattah and designed by Akash Choudhary in collaboration with the ICAO to invite stakeholder to improve how we respond to natural disasters around the world.

How can AI + Aviation lead to fewer lives lost and quicker recovery from disasters?

Today, frontier technologies are being applied to disaster response. The time has come to take a holistic approach and see how to drive and guide the development and use of technology to tackle this issue in a manner that will have the greatest effect. New AIs are being worked on to better predicted disasters & models of supply chain are being developed to get products closer to predicted customers. Drones and other aviation assets are being flown every day and many of them in low developed areas.

The Future of disaster response project by Imaginactive aims to tie all these things together. The metrics considered are the ones used by disaster response teams today (number and level of casualties, response times, economic loss, etc). By using AI it would be possible to improve the accuracy of disaster risk predictions.




The following link (The Future of disaster response) contains ‘part’ of the initial project description that was submitted to Google’s challenge titled ‘Working together to apply AI for social good‘  If your interested in our project, please use our contact form.


Google.org issued an open call to organizations around the world to submit their ideas for how they could use AI to help address societal challenges. Selected organizations will receive support from Google’s AI experts, Google.org grant funding from a $25M pool, credit and consulting from Google Cloud, and more. Learn more by visiting their website :